Embedding a Live Stream on Church Online Platform

Last updated on Oct 11, 2022

Embed codes can be copied from Connect and embedded into Church Online Platform (ChOP).


This workflow requires a Web Player Connection to embed. For help creating a Web Player Connection, see Adding Connections.

To embed a Connect stream in ChOP:

  1. In two separate browser tabs, sign in to Haivision Connect and Church Online.
  2. On the sidebar in Connect, under the Connections tab , click the Active Connections subpage.
    Active Connections

  3. Click the Web Player Connection you wish to embed.
  4. Click the Page Embeds tab.
    Page Embeds Tab

  5. Click the Copy Embed Code button.


    Embed codes can also be copied directly from a stream. Open a stream, open the Connections tab on the quick access bar, click the icon on a Web Player Connection, and click Copy Embed Code.

    Copy Embed Code Menu

  6. Navigate to your Church Online Platform dashboard.
  7. Click the icon in the top left.
    Church Online Menu
  8. Click Go to Admin .
  9. On the sidebar, click the Services tab.
    Church Online Services Page
  10. Click Add Content next to a created service, or click Add Service to create a new one.
  11. Scroll down to the Video section .
  12. Under Video Source, make sure Embed Code is selected and paste the copied embed code in the text box .
    Church Online Video Source
  13. Edit the rest of the Service as needed and click Save.