Editing Active Social Media Connections

Last updated on Jun 07, 2022

This topic is for editing active social media connections. For help editing web player connections, see Editing Active Web Player Connections.


If you edit an Active Connection that is used by a live stream, the live stream output may be affected.

To edit active (non-web player) connections:

  1. On the sidebar under the Connections tab, select the Active Connections subpage.
  2. When the list of available connections appears, click the desired connection to edit.

  3. From the connection screen, you can view the various details about the connection. Click the  Edit button  to edit the options. 
    Text boxes and options are now editable, including the streaming location.


    The Description field is for internal use only. Changes to this field are only viewable in Connect, and are not reflected on the associated connection.

  4. When complete, click the Done button  to save or the Cancel button  to cancel the edit.