Customizing a Player Template

Last updated on May 24, 2022

After creating a player template (see Adding Player Templates), you may configure it to your liking for your website. Various configuration options include:

  • Player aspect ratio and dimensions
  • Player color scheme
  • Logo overlay/watermark
  • Idle Player options

To customize a template:

  1. On the sidebar under the Connections tab, select the Player Templates subpage.
  2. On the Player Templates page, click the template to customize.
  3. In the quick access bar, click the  Player Settings icon to open the Player Settings menu .
  4. Adjust the settings as desired in the various available sections: General, Playback, Styling, Controls and Social.


    • In the Social section, enabling the sharing options adds a  button to the player control bar, allowing the viewer to share the video to social media networks or directly linking to the video. 
    • Click Done for each section. Otherwise, your changes are not saved.

    In most cases, the web player on the screen gives you a preview of your options in real time. For example, the following shows a custom color theme and logo overlay:

  5. Click the Done button to save your settings in each section.
  6. Click the Web Player Idle icon  to edit the Web Player Idle options  for displaying a custom image or countdown timer when the player is idle.
    Player Template Idle Settings
    • To enable a custom idle, click the Enable Custom Idle toggle .
    • Next, choose the Idle Type: Still or Countdown  .
    • Click Background Image  to upload an image. Choose from PNG, JPG, SVG, even animated GIFs.
    • For Connections with published media, use the Media Idle Duration setting to configure when the idle experience replaces the published media.
    • Switch the Use Poster Image toggle to On to have the player display the poster image of the upcoming stream when idle (if one is available).

  7. Click the Inserted Media icon to edit the Web Player Pre-Roll and Post-Roll media playlists:
    Player Template Inserted Media Panel
      1. To enable pre-roll or post-roll playlists, click the Use Template Pre-Roll or Use Template Post-Roll toggles .
      2. Click the icon and select media from the playlist.
      3. Use the drag handles to reorder media, or click the remove icon to remove individual media files from the playlist.
      4. Enable the Skippable toggle to make the pre-roll or post-roll playlists skippable by viewers.

  8. To edit the template name, set the selected player template as the default, or remove the template, click the icon.


    The default player template is used by connections or media if their assigned template is unavailable. The first created template is designated the default, though this can be changed by editing a template and toggling the Default Template switch to On.

  9. When finished, click the Done button to save your settings.