Adding Player Templates

Last updated on Feb 02, 2022

A player template is used to define the way a web player looks and behaves when viewing a video stream on a web page. You might have one with the main branding for your organization, and others with different attributes for special purposes.

On some platforms, such as Haivision’s HVC, the same customized player might be embedded on several web pages, which means each web page has to be managed individually. Connect takes a different approach. Instead of having to customize a new player every time you create new connection, you create player templates that you can customize (e.g., change the button colors). And then when you create a web player connection, you choose the player template that gives you the feel you want at that destination. Connect dynamically links that template with the connection. So, for example, any changes you later make to a template will apply to all connections that use it.

To add a Player Template:

  1. On the sidebar under the  Connections tab, select the Player Templates subpage.
  2. Click the  button to launch the Add Player Template assistant.
  3. Enter a name for the template. Click the Next button.

  4. Review your settings and click the Add Template button.

  5. After adding a template, the player template details are shown, as well as a preview of the player:

  6. Click the Back button to return to the Player Templates page.
  7. To further configure the player template, see Customizing a Player Template.

You can now use this player template as a Connection for your streams. See Adding Connections for details.