Understanding Connections

Last updated on Feb 03, 2022


Connections are typically set up by a system administrator. The admin will grant the necessary permissions for accessing your social media sites and create the player templates for use with Web Player connections to embed streams into your websites. Once a connection is created, it is available for team member use.


The  Connections tab  is where you manage where you want to distribute your streams. The Connections tab opens to display all available connections.

The Connections tab has three subpages that you can switch between using the sidebar:

  • Discover Connections - The Discover Connections view (default) shows available destinations. In Stream Connections, click See All to view all available connection options.
  • Active Connections - The Active Connections view shows all created connections.
  • Player Templates - The Player Templates view shows existing player templates and allows you to create video players for streaming video on your own website.

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