YouTube/Facebook Streams not Starting

Last updated on Dec 21, 2021

When consecutive live streams are scheduled with YouTube and/or Facebook connections, any overlap in the padding will prevent Connect from starting the second stream(s).

Problem Description

Let's say there is a 9:30 service (Stream 1) scheduled to run for 90 minutes, with 30 minutes of exit padding. This means the stream will stop at 11:30.

A second service (Stream 2) is set to begin at 11:15, and has a 5 minute intro padding configured. When Connect tries to start Stream 2 at 11:10 (start time minus 5 minutes padding), it reports an error in the logs because the input device is already in use by Stream 1.

If you manually start Stream 2 at 11:31 (after the Stream 1 exit padding interval), it will start normally, and the RTMP outputs to Facebook and YouTube will be established at that time. However, the Connect interface will show that the Facebook and YouTube streams are not live since the device hadn’t started as scheduled.


When scheduling services with just one input device, make sure the padding intervals do not overlap.