Release Notes 13.4

Last updated on Mar 08, 2022

Haivision Connect Release 13.4 Update

What's New

This release focuses on design work for upcoming features as well as wiping out a lot of non-critical bugs we have logged.

You can now copy the HLS URL directly from the flyout menu of your App Connections like Subsplash and Pushpay, instead of having to go into the Connection details to find it.

We added a Change Password button in the user profile page to make it easier to change while logged into Connect.

Bug Fixes

Some Media Errors and Stream states were being reported improperly.

Deleting a Service Stream wasn’t properly removing all upcoming instances.

Some race conditions between UI elements were addressed.

Sometimes hitting ‘Enter’ while editing things in the UI would skip forward in the wizard instead of just applying the new value.

In some instances, setting a Service to ‘Save as Media’ wasn’t posting the change to all scheduled Service Streams.

Fixed an issue where some Stream thumbnails were being lost after the Stream ended.

Some UI elements were not rendering properly in all browsers.

Fixed an issue where if an encoder was powered down while a Stream was still active in Connect using that encoder, it could result in multiple broken Media jobs.