Release Notes 13.2

Last updated on Feb 01, 2022

Haivision Connect Release 13.2 Update

This latest release to Haivision Connect features a redesigned sidebar menu!

What's New

A brand new redesigned sidebar menu that makes it easier and faster to get where you need to go in Connect!

A new "Copy Quick Link" selection for your Web Player Connection so you can quickly copy a direct link to your web player!

Users can now designate a Default player template.

Support added for future releases of Haivision KB Encoder.

Bug Fixes

YouTube events were sometimes being duplicated when metadata was updated in Connect.

Streams scheduled late in the day could show up the following day if they crossed UTC midnight.

Logic improvements for Makito encoder remote control were implemented.

Some Stream Activity Feed actions were being reported incorrectly.

"Call to Action" metadata was not being passed to Facebook.