Release Notes 13.1

Last updated on Jan 11, 2022

Haivision Connect Release 13.1 Update

This latest release to Haivision Connect adds new System Presets when creating streams, with Custom Presets coming soon!

What's New

System Presets - You can now select 720p or 1080p Presets for your Live Streams! All of your currently configured streams will retain the same settings they always had unless you decide to change them.

"More" Direct Actions - Tap the "more" button on items throughout Connect to quickly take action on them!

Information at your fingertips - Media processing updates are now in the Activities Feed!

Known Limitations

Sometimes when you update metadata for an upcoming stream that has a YouTube Connection configured, a duplicate event is created in YouTube - we are still trying to track down what causes this oddity but expect to have a fix very soon!