Using Selection Mode for Single and Bulk Actions

Last updated on Mar 01, 2022

Streams Actions

To use Selection Mode:

  1. Click the Multiselect Selection icon  and select at least one video asset to enable list actions. The available actions will vary depending on the section. Possible actions include:

Skip – Skips the selected streaming event(s) in a Services series.

Pause – Pauses the selected stream.

Rename – (Available as a single action only) Allows you to rename the selected asset.

Add Speaker – Adds a speaker to selected assets.

Add Location – Add location to selected assets.

Duplicate – Duplicates the selected service or event, retaining all settings.

Add Media – Adds media to selected assets.

Remove – Deletes selected assets.


Clicking the icon in the top right corner of the stream card (if in grid view) or on the far right of a stream listing (if in list view) allows you to perform Quick Access Bar actions to a single item without using Selection Mode.