Modifying Stream View Details

Last updated on Oct 11, 2022

From the Stream View screen, you can modify basic details such as name, description, speaker, campus and more. The Quick Access Bar  provides access to panels with details you can also modify:

  • Service Stream Info
  • Schedule
  • Connections
  • Inserted Media
  • Video Settings

These are context-sensitive and will vary depending upon the type of stream you selected.

Service Stream Details View

Editing Basic Stream Details

To edit the stream's basic details, click the pencil icon  (top right). 

Edit Stream Details

With the screen in edit mode, you can do the following:

  • Change the stream's Name 
  • Change the stream's Description 
  • Change the stream's Call to Action 
  • Delete or replace the stream's Primary Speaker 
  • Delete or replace the stream's Campus 
  • Remove   this specific stream instance

When you have finished making changes, click Done .


When restarting a stream, certain settings remain unlocked and configurable. During the time window in which a stream can be restarted, Connections, Inserted Media and Video Panels are editable.

Records of the original settings for canceled streams are maintained and viewable in Past Streams.