Browsing Streams

Last updated on Jul 05, 2022

Click the  Streams Icon Streams icon   to display featured streams:

Streams Screen Full View

To view the details for a specific stream:

  • In the Coming Up Next section, click the View Stream button 

– or –

  • In one of the sections after the Start Streaming buttons  (such as Services & Events ), click a stream card

  • When the Stream View opens, you can:
    • Use the Quick Access Bar to perform various actions, such as scheduling streams, or to adjust a stream's settings, such as its padding.
    • Edit stream content details .
    • For a quick summary on the stream's metrics , use the carousel dots  or click the Numbers Summary headings to switch between: Watching Now, Total Views, Peak Views, and Unique Viewers.
    • End the stream by clicking the End Stream button .

      This example shows the Stream Details view for a live stream on a web player. 

    • Once a stream ends, the See Details button contains information about stream activity, including starts, edits and if any errors occurred. 

    • To exit the Stream Details screen, click the < Back  (or use  Service ) at the top left of the pane.