Using the Streams Screen

Last updated on Nov 10, 2021

To access the Featured Streams screen, click the Streams tab  on the sidebar. At the top of the Featured Streams screen , the Welcome, LIVE, or next upcoming stream event (if scheduled) is prominently displayed. After that, the Start Streaming section  is displayed. This section consists of three buttons to open assistants, or wizards, that step you through the process of scheduling a stream:

Featured Streams Tab

Page sections:

  • Featured Stream – At the top; a live stream or the next upcoming stream.
  • Live Streams – Viewable if there are any live streams running.
  • Services & Events – View Service streams and scheduled events.
  • Upcoming Streams – All individual scheduled streams, including service stream instances and events.
  • Past Streams – View analytics and information about past streams.

The remainder of the Stream screen is organized into sections  based upon asset type (quick streams, past streams, etc.). You view these sections by either scrolling down or using the  menu  on the quick access bar. Click the ellipsis icon on a stream card to remove a stream.

Browsing Streams

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