Setting Up a Stream for a Service (Recurring)

Last updated on Oct 11, 2022


Before continuing, please note:

  • Use the Service Stream for recurring events and the Event Stream for a one-time event.
  • Service Streams must be set up by Administrators or Power Users. For more information on user roles and permissions, see Creating the Team.

In the Start Streaming section, click the Set Up a Service Stream button to invoke the assistant. The types of information you might need to supply include:

  • Service (Existing or New)
  • Stream Source
  • Padding Time Allocation
  • Stream Destination
  • Call to Action (Optional)

Setting Up a Service Stream

Setting Up a Service Stream

To set up a Service stream:

  1. On the Streams tab  in the Featured Streams panel (default), click the Set Up a Service Stream button . The service stream setup dialog opens.

  2. Select the service to stream.
    Selecting a Service Stream

  3. Select the stream source (either Device or Media).
    Service Stream Source
  4. (Optional) Click Device Settings under the source device to configure device settings, including:
    Service Stream Source Device Settings
    • Video Preset (for help customizing presets, see Creating Custom Presets)
    • Device Input
    • Backup Encoder
    • Save as Cloud Media

  5. Set the desired amount of intro and exit padding.


    If cloud media is selected as the source, streams will use the padding values from the selected media.

  6. (Optional) Add keywords to help users find your service, or add labels to assist with your automated workflows. For help with tags, see Configuring Connect Settings.

  7. Select the stream destination.
    Service Stream Destination

  8. (Optional) Enter a Call to Action.

  9. When finished, click the Add Service Stream button. 

The Service Stream card is added to the Services & Events and Upcoming Stream type categories.

Other Streaming Actions

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