Quick Starting a Stream with QuickStart

Last updated on May 24, 2022

Use the Quickstart a Stream button to invoke the assistant. The types of information you might need to supply include:

  • Campus Location or Custom Venue
  • Stream Source
  • Stream Destination (player, social media, etc.) 
  • Speaker (Optional)
  • Stream Name and Description
  • Call to Action (Optional)

Setting Up a Quickstart Stream

Quick Starting a Stream

To Quickstart a stream:

  1. On the Streams tab  in the Featured Streams panel (default), click the Quickstart a Stream button  at the bottom of the screen.
     Quickstart Stream button 

  2. Select the location associated with the stream.
    Stream Source Campus

  3. Select the stream source (either a Device or Media).
    Quickstart Stream Source

  4. (Optional) Click the icon to configure device settings, including:
    • Video Preset (for help customizing presets, see Creating Custom Presets)
    • Device Input
    • Backup Encoder
    • Save as Cloud Media
  5. Enter a name for the stream and, optionally, add a description, call to action and poster image.
    Stream Name and Details

  6. (Optional) Select the primary speaker for the stream.
    Speaker Selection

  7. Select the stream destination.
    Quickstart Stream Destination


    When streaming to a social media connection (YouTube or Facebook), additional settings can be configured, as shown in the example below.

    YouTube Stream Options

  8. When finished, you can choose between cueing or starting the stream. 
    Quickstart Stream Review

Other Streaming Actions

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