Creating Custom Presets

Last updated on Jun 21, 2022

Device presets can be customized and saved for future streams.

To customize and save device presets:

  1. On the sidebar, click the Streams tab.
  2. Select the type of stream you would like to start. See Setting Up a Stream for a Service (Recurring), Scheduling a Stream for an Event (One-Time), or Quick Starting a Stream with QuickStart for instructions for setting up each stream type.
  3. Follow the instructions in the assistant until reaching the step where you set the stream's source.
  4. Select the source device. After selecting the source, additional device settings can be customized, including presets.
    Service Stream Source
  5. Click the Settings button under the selected device.
    Service Stream Source Settings
  6. Under the selected device, click the preset.
  7. Click the highlighted values to change them.
  8. Click Apply to save your changes.
  9. Click Save as New to save the customized preset.
  10. Enter the name of the new preset and click Apply.

The custom preset is ready to be streamed.