Using the Media Editor

Last updated on Jun 21, 2022

The Media Editor is used to trim media or create clips for publishing or download.

To use the Media Editor:

  1. On the sidebar, click the Media icon to access the Media Library.
  2. Click the media asset you wish to trim or clip.
    Accessing the Media Editor
  3. On the Quick Access Bar, click the Media Editor icon .
    When the Media Editor panel opens, the selected media asset is displayed in a full-size preview player (pictured below) to help you visualize your changes before making them.

    The preview player includes:
    • Timeline (with included portions of the media highlighted)
    • Player scrub handle
    • Play/pause controls
    • Controls for skipping forward/backward 30 seconds

  4. In the Media Editor panel, use the tabs at the top to Trim Media or Create a Clip.

Trimming a media asset removes unwanted sections from the beginning and end of the file. As noted at the bottom of the Media Editor panel, trimming media resets the padding values to zero. After trimming, enter new padding values in the media's Metadata tab if needed.

To trim media:

  1. In the Media Editor panel, select the Trim Media tab.
  2. In the Trim Details section, enter the New Start Time and New End Time for the trimmed media.
  3. Click Trim Media.

Clipping creates a new media object from a portion of the selected media, ready for downloading or publishing.

To create a media clip:

  1. In the Media Editor panel, select the Create a Clip tab.
  2. In the Clip Details section, enter a Title for the new clip.
  3. Enter the Start Time and End Time of the clip.
  4. Click Create Clip.