Viewing Media Assets

Last updated on Jul 05, 2022

To view a media asset:

  1. On the sidebar, click the Media icon to access the Media Library.
  2. Click the thumbnail of the media asset you wish to view.
    Viewing Media Assets
    • On the Quick Access Bar , click the Media Editor icon to trim or create clips from the media file. For help trimming or clipping media, see Using the Media Editor.
    • Click the  Play button to view the media asset in the preview window.
    • Use the tabs to view and edit media details:
      • On the Metadata tab, click the  Pencil icon to edit the Title, Description, Speaker, Service or Campus.
      • The Analytics tab contains Live and On Demand media analytics. See Viewing Media Analytics.
      • On the Files tab you can view, download and replace files belonging to the media asset.
      • Click the Clips tab to view, publish, embed and remove clips generated from the media asset, or create new clips.
      • The Publishing tab shows you details and allows you to take actions regarding the media's publish destinations. See Publishing Media.