Using Selection Mode for Media

Last updated on Jan 27, 2022

Other actions that can be taken in the Media Library include:

  • Organizing Media Screen – switch between  card (grid) view and  line listings using the layout controls .
    Media Library Grid View
  • Quick Access Bar Items – from the Quick Access Bar , several actions can be taken:
    • Use the  Selection icon  to choose one or more files.
    • Use the  Add Location icon to assign a campus associated with the selected media.
    • Use the  Add Speaker icon to assign a speaker associated with the selected media.
    • Use the  Download icon to download media assets as MP4 files.
    • Use the  Trash icon to delete assets.
      Media Library Actions


Clicking the icon in the top right corner of a media card (if in grid view) or on the far right of a media listing (if in list view) allows you to perform Quick Access Bar actions on a single item without using Selection Mode.