Adding Media Assets

Last updated on Jan 27, 2022

To add one or more media assets:

  1. On the Media Library page, click the  button :
    Adding a Media Asset
  2. Drag files from a folder on your computer to the Add Media section . You can also click or tap the Add Media button  to open a file browser. To package your video together with a poster image as a single media object, click or tap to enable the Adding Media switch .
    Adding Media Pane


    Connect treats uploaded videos and images as media objects. A media object can contain a single file, or a combination of one video file plus associated poster/thumbnail images. When you enter metadata, such as a title or description, it applies to the entire media object. If you upload, for example, a video, its thumbnail and a poster image with the Adding Media  switch toggled to on, Connect bundles them together for uploading. Otherwise, they are treated as individual media objects (that can have their own metadata).

  3. The file(s) you select appear as a media object  ready for uploading. The contents of the media object are described under the Files tab .
    Add Media Files Details

    Click on the caret symbol to hide/show the media object details.Click on the cancel icon to remove an object or any of its associated media.
  4. At this point, you can do any of the following:
    1. Add metadata 
    2. Add additional files to the current media object 
    3. Upload the current media object 
    4. Add additional new media objects 
  5. Click on the Metadata tab  to add a Title, Speaker, Event Date, Intro and Exit Padding, and Time, Description and Campus associated with the current media object:

    Add Media Metadata Tab

  6. Under the Files tab , you can add a thumbnail or poster image by either dragging the files to the Add Media section  or clicking (tapping) it to open a file browser:

  7. You can queue up another media object by dragging it to the Adding Media area , or by clicking (tapping) there to open a file browser. Note that, as described above, enabling the Upload files into a single media object toggle  will allow you to add a video, thumbnail and poster image together. In the example below, the switch is set to off, with a single video being added as a separate media object :

  8. Click the Upload Now button  to begin the upload of a media object to the Connect cloud. The progress of the upload is displayed:

  9. Once the media object has been uploaded, it is analyzed and optimized for streaming delivery. This process may take some time. For example, a 1 hour long file could take 30-45 minutes to process.

  10. Once the optimization is complete, the new video is added to your Media Library and is available for streaming.


    An image uploaded with a video file will be used as the poster image. If an image is not provided, Connect will automatically generate one for videos over five minutes long.