Touring the Interface

Last updated on Oct 11, 2022

Connect Streams Interface

 Home Screen / Landing Page

 Screen Title

Organization Name

Sidebar / Tabs

 Quick Access Bar 

 Main Pane

The Connect interface consists of seven (7) main screens that are accessible via the icons/tabs on the Sidebar at the left of the screen. The Sidebar can be expanded with the menu icon to navigate screens and their subpages. These screens include:

  • Dashboard
  •  Streams
  • Media
  •  Connections
  •  Organization
  • Settings
  •  Connect ID (User Profile)

To the right of the Sidebar, is the Quick Access Bar  that includes the  Activity Feed System Health and Help.

Activity Feed

Clicking the  Activity Feed icon  on the Quick Access Bar provides you with a chronological view of everything happening in Connect. You can use the search bar and filters to find activity by Campus, Connection, Device, Media, Service, Speaker, Team or Stream. Clicking an entry on the Activity Feed takes you to the related event (if applicable).

Activity Feed Panel

System Health

Clicking the  System Health icon  on the Quick Access Bar provides a list of connected devices, services, and platforms along with their current status. Clicking a device takes you to the detail page for that device. See Viewing the Device's Details.

System Health Panel


Clicking the  Help icon on the Quick Access Bar opens the HelpCenter with information on the latest Connect release, guided on-screen walk-throughs, and a link to the Connect InfoCenter with documentation and videos. 

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