Getting Started with Connect

Last updated on Oct 11, 2022

For the best experience, begin by creating a foundation of elements that Connect can draw upon to accelerate workflows and simplify sharing content. To do this, use the icons in the sidebar and work from the bottom up.

You, your Organization and Connections are the building blocks for your daily streaming activities and team interactions. They provide easy access to the people, places, events, and devices that are used throughout your organization.


Before you begin, you will need to have received and accepted an invitation from your Connect Administrator to join a team. See Accepting an Invite to Join a Team for details.

 First, review your  Connect ID profile. Make sure it includes all your latest information. Also, take the time to indicate your communication preferences so that your team knows if they should text or email you. See Updating Your Connect ID.

 Second, add metadata Tags to your Settings. Tags help organize your content on Connect for automated workflows and help users find your content on other platforms. See Configuring Connect SettingsAdministrators can also view enabled features and usage data for Connect. See Viewing the Connect Account Screen.

Next, tell Connect about your Organization: the available campuses, streaming devices, recurring services, events, speakers and team. See Defining the Organization. Having these in place will make configuring streams easier and ensure devices are paired and ready to go.

And lastly, use Connections to set up delivery to your stream destinations, such as social media accounts and web players for embedding streaming content into website pages. Web players include templates that specify player customizations (colors, buttons, etc.). These templates are reusable with other web players so there is no need to duplicate the customizations for other Connection destinations. See Understanding Connections.

Once Connect understands your world, uploading Media   and creating Streams    is so much simpler. And, as you begin to use Connect, you will be able to consult the Dashboard  to view important usage information.

Connect UI Intro

Connect makes streaming faster, easier, and more powerful by understanding your world.

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