Adding Devices

Last updated on Jan 25, 2022

Adding Devices

Use the Device cards to add the various streaming devices used by your organization. The cards are organized by the campus where they reside. Click a card to view pertinent device information such as:

  • Device Info regarding the Designation or Name as well as the Campus Location.
  • System Info such as Device Type, Serial Number, Firmware version, IP and MAC Address, and Availability.
  • System Status including Memory, CPU, and Storage utilization.

Other Device Actions

From the Quick Access Bar , several actions can be taken:

  • Use the  Selection icon to select one or more devices.
  • Use the  Add Location icon to assign the selected device to a campus.
  • Use the  Re-Pair icon to re-pair a device with Connect.
  • Use the  Remove icon to remove or replace a device.

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