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Streaming Server Setup

The streaming server appliance is added to the Command 360 platform during installation

To finish setting up a streaming server:

  1. Ensure the USB dongle for the streaming server is plugged in to the Command 360 Manager .

  2. Click the user icon in the top right and click AdminResources to access the Resources home page.

  3. Find Streaming Server in the Appliances Summary table and click on the
    Vertical Ellipsis
     icon immediately to the left of the
    Streaming Server label. Note the status to the far right indicates Finish Setup.

  4. Click Finish Setup. The Finish Streaming Server Setup panel opens on the right.

    Finish Streaming Server Setup on the Appliances Summary Table

  5. Enter, then confirm the Cert Export Password from your .txt file.

  6. Enter the License Signature from your .txt file. Ensure you paste the key exactly as it appears in the .txt file.


    Entering incorrect information in this step will not result in an error. Recovery or correction cannot be made in the user interface, and may require a factory reset.

    Finish Streaming Server Setup License Fields

  7. Click Finish Setup.

  8. Confirm the status on the Appliances Summary table has changed from Finish Setup to Online.

    Online Status in the Appliances Summary Table

This completes configuration of the Streaming Service.

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